Website Design Cost

Different factors influence how much web design costs with most important of all being the hourly rate of a web designer as well as time taken for designing a website. Some of these factors affect the cost independently while others affect the time taken to design the website. Continue reading to understand what cost is involved in web designing.

Factors Affecting Web Design Cost

Domain Registration

There is a little cost involved in registering a domain name. However, it is an important cost since if offered the service for free then you might be a victim of a spam as well as a shady site. Again, it is possible to use some free site in the absence of a domain name. However, you have to change your URL in order to upgrade the site, something that can cause loss of traffic.


Though it would be cheaper to use a template for the purpose of design, it is rear to find a quality template design, which conveys your brand accurately. On the other hand, creating a design that is tailored is more expensive depending on the number of pages the site has, how many design concepts are there to choose between, as well as the complexity of the design.

Content Writing

Providing your own content to the designer can be cheap. However, it is not a good idea. Just like web design, writing internet information happens to be a specialized skill. Do not forget that the content determines your success. As a business owner, you can spend too much time writing the content and finally come up with poor content. Having a skilled writer do the writing is not that expensive, it is less time consuming, and an excellent expected.

Content Management System

This facilitates the ability to create changes in the text, pages as well as photos in a website easily. Common content management systems are free while the cost of the designer originates from the configuration as well as design customization. Open source CMS costs differ depending on a website design complexity and the number of pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website rank higher in search engines involves a specialized skill that must be paid for. The fact that you have opened a website does not necessarily mean that it is to be number one in Google results. A lot of work is involved including offsite and onsite optimization of the site. The site has to be appealing to visitors and search engines. Researching keywords is very important. All this and much more involved in optimizing a website can involve specialized services.


This includes technical components of a website, for instance, web forms, photo galleries, message boards, and e-commerce. The more functionality you require calls for higher costs. Functionalities may be added as plugins for free, however, its configuration and customization will involve some costs.


The above-mentioned factors contribute towards the cost of web design. However, these are not the only ones. Social media, email newsletter, training and user guide, mobile website, usability & navigation, as well as the content list, are more factors that affect web design cost. The truth is that the cost of web design can vary from one designer to another. For instance, a company may charge more because it has to pay for labor force while an individual charges relatively cheaper.



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