Popular Web Design Trends

Just as the world around us is constantly changing, so is the global internet marketplace. Technology will never stop, so as long as there is research and development taking place, new and better ways of using this worldwide computer network will always be discovered. It is also true with website coding, design, and marketing, three areas that change quite frequently. Because of a dynamic and changing internet world, it is important for web developers and designers to know about such trends in website design.

Learning the latest trends in web design will help you with that. Here are some.

Ghost Buttons

If you ever wandered through a minimalist type of website with a large, colorful background image complementing it, chances are, it’s using ghost buttons. Ghost buttons are interactive buttons with a simplistic design and are usually bright-colored. But despite its simplicity, it tends to grab the attention of its users more. It complements the large background layout behind it and vice-versa.

Though these buttons have taken their share of greatness, it’s important to know that you just can’t simply apply them to any website. Color schemes must also be observed when applying these buttons – something that can easily provide a negative effect when done wrong.

Scrolling over Clicking

Ever since the mouse wheel was added to the mouse, it was evident that scrolling webpages will become the norm compared to clicking. It’s much more viable to mobile devices too, seeing as they’d only need to drag their fingers across their screens to see the content below. Simply put, scrolling is much more efficient and easier to do than clicking – and that, changes everything.

Huge Background Images

Colorful and big background website layouts are becoming more popular nowadays. And they easily go along with other trending web designs like the ghost buttons mentioned above. That said, there are also things that a web designer should be mindful of when using these.

One of these things is size scaling. When using it, they need to make sure the image will show up nicely and as it is whichever device their viewers are using. They also need to use high quality images to be able to deliver a big impression on their viewers.


As the popular saying goes, small things make the biggest differences. On the field of web designing, those Facebook like buttons, mail notifiers, newsletter subscription notices and the like can make all the difference of a boring site into a lively, interactive one. However, you must take into account no to do it in excess. Too much of these microinteractions can lead to disrupting your viewers of their goals when visiting your site, instead of engaging them more.


Having artistically written content on your homepage is an expensive strategy back then. It’s amazing to think that you can afford them for free now, with Google Fonts among others. Use this to beautify your site even more.

Personalized Web Access

Ever had the chance of queuing up a lot of songs in Grooveshark? If you turned off your PC and opened it again on the next day or the next week for that matter, you’ll still find your previous playlist saved on your account and play them again just by pressing a button. This is the convenience that cookies (no, not the ones you eat) has given us. Personalized web interactions has always been a boon to sites and it continues to do so until now.


DIYmag and Melbournegeek are just some of the sites that make use of interactive card designs for their web layout. Many responsive designed sites have catered to this feature to provide a better experience for their viewers. Even big wigs like Google and Twitter have already made use of it.


Your website is the online face of your business. It’s only natural that it has to look good in front of your viewers. But aside from aesthetics, your site needs to function and perform in accordance to what the latest technology has to offer. If you fail to do that, then chances are, you’re going to be left out by your competition.

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