Biggest Mistakes in Web Design

It isn’t enough to have a website. A website being an marketing and branding tool should contain all the proper elements and be user-friendly. Making a website design mistake can cost you money and even your business. Here are the top website design mistakes businesses often make.

1. It Takes Too Long To Load
According to studies, around 50% of people will leave if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load. Thus, it is preferable to have a single yet fast loading website than a complex website that takes too much time to load. This also applies to all pages inside your site. You can make your website load faster by avoiding CSS expressions, adding expire headers, optimizing images and image formats, eliminating duplicate Scripts, etc. You may need professional help to fix this issue.

2. Navigation Overly Complicated
User-friendly designs can’t be underestimated. Make sure you don’t bombard the user with multiple and endless options and announcements as he or she might become overwhelmed easily. A good background image with a few lines of text and clear navigation routes is the way to go in website design. Some people choose a minimalist approach in this respect, and it works! The clicking pattern in your site should be obvious and primary pages should be properly labeled.

3. Trying to Have It Ready As Fast as Possible Neglecting Your Target Market Needs
If your business is going to launch soon, you may be thinking that you have to have your website ready before the set date. While that is true in most cases, there’s no use to it if it isn’t focused on your potential clients and their requirements. For example, depending on the age and geographical location of your clients, you may design your website accordingly. Remember that many young users use mobile phones so adapting it to those devices is primordial if that age group is included in your target market.

4. Call to Action is Not Clear
When you have a business, you want your visitors to take action. Whether it’s filling a form, increasing leads or making sales, you should make it easy for them to understand what they should do next. Consider doing some A/B testing to check out if your current design has a high bounce rate or not. You can also come up with other designs and stick to the one that performs best.

5. Doing It Yourself
Your landing page will be the first impression online users will have of your site and business. If you haven’t made a website in the past, do you genuinely think that you can come up with an attractive website design? It is better to pay up front a professional that has a vast portfolio in the field than to try to figure out how to come up with your own design by yourself. This should cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but it will be worth it!

6. Design is Too Flashy
You shouldn’t try to attract people with designs that are too flashy. In fact, those types of designs can make them turn away from your site. Experts agree that flashy designs aren’t appropriate for mobile and tablets. In this respect, the more simple your design, the better results you will get.

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