Where to Find a Website Designer

Web designers are one of the most sought-after experts in the field of technology. Today it has become almost impossible for any kind of business to operate without a website, a business or an organization without a website risks being wiped out by competition. Today’s modern customer want better services and convenience when searching for products, services, and information. A website also has great importance for an individual who want to maintain an online presence, the list of benefits enjoyed by those with websites are endless. As you will agree with me, having a website today is one of the most important things whether it’s a website for an organization or an individual but the challenge comes int when it time to find a website designer. Just as you wouldn’t hire a roof leak repair service that didn’t have the proper credentials, you wouldn’t trust your company’s good name to just anyone. This article will explain to crucial subjects, that is where to find a website designer and how to qualify the web designer.

There are basically three major places where you can find website designers which are, local website designers, website design companies and freelance website design platforms (freelancers). The local developers also have online presence and hence they can also be found online the major difference between the freelancer website designers and local designers is the fact that you can book an appointment with the local designer in a local office where you visit them and get their services but with freelance website designers you only get to communicate through and a medium (the company offering freelancing services) the company bringing the website designers and those looking for website design services act like a middleman, it offers a platform where the two parties interact, the web design companies could be located anywhere in the world and all their services and transactions happen on their website, there is no “middleman” the customers interact direct with the company but these companies could be located in different regions with the customers these companies operate on a global scale and tend to have the best experts and services.

The choice of choosing either the local designer, global website design company or freelancing platform offering website design is entirely contingent with the customer. The platform that the customer chooses will offer some benefits that are not offered by the other platforms for example, local web designers know the market well, they understand your audience better than the other two options, this will make it possible for them to offer what the customers will like the most. For the freelancing platform, the customer will enjoy flexible services and a flexible budget, the services here can be obtained at low costs. In case, the customer chooses the global websites design companies he/she will enjoy services from highly trained and experienced experts who operate at a global level.

How to choose the best website designer.

The following tips will help the customer choose the best website designer regardless of the category the customer chooses from.

1. Experience and the previous web design projects will help the customer start on the right foot. A reliable website designer will have some work to show.

2. The customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials. This will indicate if the previous customers were satisfied.

3. If your want long-term relationships, check on the other services offered by the designer and the costs involved.

Website Design Cost

Different factors influence how much web design costs with most important of all being the hourly rate of a web designer as well as time taken for designing a website. Some of these factors affect the cost independently while others affect the time taken to design the website. Continue reading to understand what cost is involved in web designing.

Factors Affecting Web Design Cost

Domain Registration

There is a little cost involved in registering a domain name. However, it is an important cost since if offered the service for free then you might be a victim of a spam as well as a shady site. Again, it is possible to use some free site in the absence of a domain name. However, you have to change your URL in order to upgrade the site, something that can cause loss of traffic.


Though it would be cheaper to use a template for the purpose of design, it is rear to find a quality template design, which conveys your brand accurately. On the other hand, creating a design that is tailored is more expensive depending on the number of pages the site has, how many design concepts are there to choose between, as well as the complexity of the design.

Content Writing

Providing your own content to the designer can be cheap. However, it is not a good idea. Just like web design, writing internet information happens to be a specialized skill. Do not forget that the content determines your success. As a business owner, you can spend too much time writing the content and finally come up with poor content. Having a skilled writer do the writing is not that expensive, it is less time consuming, and an excellent content.is expected.

Content Management System

This facilitates the ability to create changes in the text, pages as well as photos in a website easily. Common content management systems are free while the cost of the designer originates from the configuration as well as design customization. Open source CMS costs differ depending on a website design complexity and the number of pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website rank higher in search engines involves a specialized skill that must be paid for. The fact that you have opened a website does not necessarily mean that it is to be number one in Google results. A lot of work is involved including offsite and onsite optimization of the site. The site has to be appealing to visitors and search engines. Researching keywords is very important. All this and much more involved in optimizing a website can involve specialized services.


This includes technical components of a website, for instance, web forms, photo galleries, message boards, and e-commerce. The more functionality you require calls for higher costs. Functionalities may be added as plugins for free, however, its configuration and customization will involve some costs.


The above-mentioned factors contribute towards the cost of web design. However, these are not the only ones. Social media, email newsletter, training and user guide, mobile website, usability & navigation, as well as the content list, are more factors that affect web design cost. The truth is that the cost of web design can vary from one designer to another. For instance, a company may charge more because it has to pay for labor force while an individual charges relatively cheaper.



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Popular Web Design Trends

Just as the world around us is constantly changing, so is the global internet marketplace. Technology will never stop, so as long as there is research and development taking place, new and better ways of using this worldwide computer network will always be discovered. It is also true with website coding, design, and marketing, three areas that change quite frequently. Because of a dynamic and changing internet world, it is important for web developers and designers to know about such trends in website design.

Learning the latest trends in web design will help you with that. Here are some.

Ghost Buttons

If you ever wandered through a minimalist type of website with a large, colorful background image complementing it, chances are, it’s using ghost buttons. Ghost buttons are interactive buttons with a simplistic design and are usually bright-colored. But despite its simplicity, it tends to grab the attention of its users more. It complements the large background layout behind it and vice-versa.

Though these buttons have taken their share of greatness, it’s important to know that you just can’t simply apply them to any website. Color schemes must also be observed when applying these buttons – something that can easily provide a negative effect when done wrong.

Scrolling over Clicking

Ever since the mouse wheel was added to the mouse, it was evident that scrolling webpages will become the norm compared to clicking. It’s much more viable to mobile devices too, seeing as they’d only need to drag their fingers across their screens to see the content below. Simply put, scrolling is much more efficient and easier to do than clicking – and that, changes everything.

Huge Background Images

Colorful and big background website layouts are becoming more popular nowadays. And they easily go along with other trending web designs like the ghost buttons mentioned above. That said, there are also things that a web designer should be mindful of when using these.

One of these things is size scaling. When using it, they need to make sure the image will show up nicely and as it is whichever device their viewers are using. They also need to use high quality images to be able to deliver a big impression on their viewers.


As the popular saying goes, small things make the biggest differences. On the field of web designing, those Facebook like buttons, mail notifiers, newsletter subscription notices and the like can make all the difference of a boring site into a lively, interactive one. However, you must take into account no to do it in excess. Too much of these microinteractions can lead to disrupting your viewers of their goals when visiting your site, instead of engaging them more.


Having artistically written content on your homepage is an expensive strategy back then. It’s amazing to think that you can afford them for free now, with Google Fonts among others. Use this to beautify your site even more.

Personalized Web Access

Ever had the chance of queuing up a lot of songs in Grooveshark? If you turned off your PC and opened it again on the next day or the next week for that matter, you’ll still find your previous playlist saved on your account and play them again just by pressing a button. This is the convenience that cookies (no, not the ones you eat) has given us. Personalized web interactions has always been a boon to sites and it continues to do so until now.


DIYmag and Melbournegeek are just some of the sites that make use of interactive card designs for their web layout. Many responsive designed sites have catered to this feature to provide a better experience for their viewers. Even big wigs like Google and Twitter have already made use of it.


Your website is the online face of your business. It’s only natural that it has to look good in front of your viewers. But aside from aesthetics, your site needs to function and perform in accordance to what the latest technology has to offer. If you fail to do that, then chances are, you’re going to be left out by your competition.

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Easy Web Design Tools

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to boost your business or an individual trying to maintain an online portfolio – In today’s world the need for having your work samples and information on a dedicated website is crucially important. From a mom-and-pop Beaverton carpet cleaning service to the largest corporation in the city, every business absolutely must have a website in order to make their presence known. There is a myth that creating or designing a new website for personal or professional need is a mammoth task which needs the expertise of computer and IT professionals. But what if you don’t have the budget to hire a web designer? This article will discuss the basic and easy ways of web designing using utility software and tools which are free and rather simple to use and saves you from a financial blow. There are web design tools which cover every other necessary aspect in the step by step build up of your online database. Incorporating these free tools properly can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Let’s briefly discuss a few.

Domain Name

Setting up your own website needs you to firstly buy a domain name. But this simple tool lets you choose amongst a list of available free domain hosts. Although you can use these domain spaces, but it doesn’t register you as the owner of that particular domain name and instead the server maintains its rights. This, however, can be turned into an advantage by those who want to remain anonymous on the internet.

Web space

Unless you are an internet marketing person, this is another free web design tool that is very advantageous for starting your own website. Probably one of the oldest of its kind, web space is a web space hosting tool that lets you utilize available hosting packages which are free of cost. Although web space host prices have been slashed over the years, and in the present scenario, many free servers prohibit commercialization in any kind – for personal requirements and database; this is still one of the best utility tools.


HTML validator is a very useful tool that revises your entire set of codes for errors and corrects them. This ensures a smooth run of your website without any trouble.

Color Schemes

One of the most important aspects of internet marketing is its appeal quotient. If you are creating a website or an online database for marketing or otherwise, the first and foremost criteria would be to make it attractive, and eye-catching. Color scheme generator provides a complete guide to color schemes and shades that you can mix and match to see what suits your palate.



Some free tools like clipart provide all kinds of graphics and arts that you would want to incorporate in the process of designing your website. It doesn’t matter whether you can draw well or not, an extensive range of presets are available via a number of such designing tools to cater to all your needs.


A list of tools is available which lets you choose and customize texts and information on your website in a myriad range of fonts which can be accessed free of cost or for a nominal value.

Design templates

Varieties of already existing fully designed templates are available through many tools which let you edit or tweak the existing design as per your needs to create a unique but new template for a website without wasting time by starting from scratch.

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design

It isn’t enough to have a website. A website being an marketing and branding tool should contain all the proper elements and be user-friendly. Making a website design mistake can cost you money and even your business. Here are the top website design mistakes businesses often make.

1. It Takes Too Long To Load
According to studies, around 50% of people will leave if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load. Thus, it is preferable to have a single yet fast loading website than a complex website that takes too much time to load. This also applies to all pages inside your site. You can make your website load faster by avoiding CSS expressions, adding expire headers, optimizing images and image formats, eliminating duplicate Scripts, etc. You may need professional help to fix this issue.

2. Navigation Overly Complicated
User-friendly designs can’t be underestimated. Make sure you don’t bombard the user with multiple and endless options and announcements as he or she might become overwhelmed easily. A good background image with a few lines of text and clear navigation routes is the way to go in website design. Some people choose a minimalist approach in this respect, and it works! The clicking pattern in your site should be obvious and primary pages should be properly labeled.

3. Trying to Have It Ready As Fast as Possible Neglecting Your Target Market Needs
If your business is going to launch soon, you may be thinking that you have to have your website ready before the set date. While that is true in most cases, there’s no use to it if it isn’t focused on your potential clients and their requirements. For example, depending on the age and geographical location of your clients, you may design your website accordingly. Remember that many young users use mobile phones so adapting it to those devices is primordial if that age group is included in your target market.

4. Call to Action is Not Clear
When you have a business, you want your visitors to take action. Whether it’s filling a form, increasing leads or making sales, you should make it easy for them to understand what they should do next. Consider doing some A/B testing to check out if your current design has a high bounce rate or not. You can also come up with other designs and stick to the one that performs best.

5. Doing It Yourself
Your landing page will be the first impression online users will have of your site and business. If you haven’t made a website in the past, do you genuinely think that you can come up with an attractive website design? It is better to pay up front a professional that has a vast portfolio in the field than to try to figure out how to come up with your own design by yourself. This should cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but it will be worth it!

6. Design is Too Flashy
You shouldn’t try to attract people with designs that are too flashy. In fact, those types of designs can make them turn away from your site. Experts agree that flashy designs aren’t appropriate for mobile and tablets. In this respect, the more simple your design, the better results you will get.

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